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Hello Everyone,

We are really excited for the Fall season especially with our Patriots winning their first two games!!

This fall we are going to be introducing Cross Fit Style Small Group Training with Liz. This is not a beginner workout. This is for those who want to take fitness to the NEXT level. Men and Women will be challenged!  Be on the lookout for that email and sign up early!!

We hope you are looking forward to what we have in store for you this fall as we work to bring you new and exciting ways to change up your fitness routine and keep it fresh!!

Thank you for your membership!

Sandy and the Staff at NLHW

Two Great Articles for Better Health...itle

Have you tried our fun and effective Group Fitness Classes?
Find our why our members are having fun while getting fit.  Click on the schedule below.

  For People Who Want to Look & Feel Better (click for details)
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At New Life Health and Wellness we take a thoughtful approach to fitness
with true customization designed around your lifestyle, goals and
current fitness level.

Let’s work together to create a truly customized, personalized, realistic
and doable life long approach to fitness and wellness as part of your daily routine!
We have a nice variety of exercises that meets all of our members needs.
Our staff is here to guide you through your exercises while teaching proper form, adding
variety and keeping you interested. Advantage... you see results quicker, never get
bored and stop wasting time in the gym; all in a fun filled and friendly environment.

At  New Life Health and Wellness, you'll never have to worry about being
embarrassed by where you start. We are here to assist you, keep you motivated and
make you our next success story. Our goal is to help every member

In no time at all you'll feel more energetic, develop a healthier heart and
improve muscular flexibility and strength. You'll feel and look better than ever before
because you came to  New Life Health and Wellness.
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