Raving Fans

Raving Fans - unedited from our Member Survey

I love the club (very much). 

Nice staff, like the tv's on the equipment and love the pool use

The club is generally good. Clean (very important), people are polite, machines are well-maintained. Need more vibrancy and energy although you have no control over the clientele.

all staff are great and helpful

I have been more motivated to exercise since I began personal training. Perhaps I would benefit from joining in group activities, but since I am likely to resist staff encouragement to do so, the gym serves my current needs and there is nothing I would seek to change at this point. I place my trust in the staff.

Zumba Class is great!

Liz is very friendly and caring. She wants to help people achieve their goals. Also have a smile on her face.

I love the club the staff is great, the ones that work out are great and the price is good.

I love it. I come in, do my thing and leave. No one bothers me, its quite, convenient, clean and if I need help with anything the staff is always helpful. It is the best gym I've ever belonged to!

Great place to work out. Needs some more equipment's tough. Rest a nice and clean place to workout
I think its fabulous!

I really like the club. Love the classes.. wish there were some class offering on Wednesday lunch time

I really like it. The staff are always super nice. The facility itself is very clean. It just has a nice atmosphere.

I rarely recommend businesses. I always recommend this club when the topic of fitness arises.

The gym has been great over the years. I'd like to hear more about modern workout styles that are gaining popularity. Info sessions on how to incorporate those techniques into our regular workout routines would be really helpful. Regular consults on how progress is coming would be nice too.

clean and professional

Its the best club in town !!

Non threatening atmosphere Very comfortable

I have paid and held a membership for almost 3 years with no dedication to the gym. When I am ready and can commit this is the ONLY gym I want to be at in Marlborough.

I really like it - feel comfortable there even though I don't work out as much as I should!

I really enjoy the club - no pressure, easy place to work out. I have experienced some dust bunnies during class on the racket ball court, but other than that it is clean. I don't feel as though the bathroom stalls are very large - i sometimes feel that i won't fit :(

After playing WallyBall a few times, I realized that the gym was a good fit for what I was looking for. Not overcrowded, not filled with body builders, and not a chain. The staff is super friendly and all of the members are like one big family.

enjoy the gym nice casual relaxing

Love it so far!

I love the size of the club, and its a great value. What I would like to see is possibly more group intensity classes. Maybe the TRX workout where we purchase our own TRX equipment and up to 4 people do a group class where the trainer can watch and assist with form and proper use.

I am very pleased with the club and appreciate the courteous service, also appreciate the improvements made over time.
I love the size of the club. I do not feel overwhelmed and enjoy the friendliness of the staff.

I really like the fact that it is not crowded and I can have personal training sessions without other people watching what you are doing. The machines are available when you want to use them. The staff is very friendly and it is a clean environment. I enjoy this gym and my sessions.

Attentive leader and staff, willingness to answer questions and provide directions as requested

It is so welcoming and I get results

Friendly and helpfull staff. Excellent equipment. Never crowed at the time I use the club

i have only been to club to take cpr cert but it appeared clean and well organized. staff seemed friendly. emails are informative
NLHW has a friendly atmosphere that makes for a pleasant workout experience.

Sandy is awesome and her staff! Love the area, size convenience to home ewverything!

Great for my needs...if you could update gym with new flooring and the locker rooms with new carpet and paint, that would be nice. would like to hear more music suited to working out rather than anything not upbeat

I like club because it is not crowded when I go.

It is a nice place to come to destress

Like the small feel and court availability

I love the club (very much). I would like to expand on my answers above and send additional feedback in long form (because I plan to be around for a long time). I don't need anonymity. Please let me know where to send additional feedback via email. -Joe Mercadante

I like the size and the location.

It is a jewel! Love the atmosphere and staff. A very positive place to work out!

good value

I think it is convenient and well maintained.

Staff is great; need to post times when classes are being held in pool.

I like that the gym isn't one of the big box gyms. I like that the staff seems to know everyone and there's no pressure or judgement.
I really like the atmosphere of the club. IT is not too big or small and Sandy seems to really care about her members. I would like to see another pilates class added to the schedule.

I love it here! Especially that it's a smaller gym, and whenever I come it's not overly crowded. The classes are awesome + well worth it.
Fits my needs close to work. All staff members are very friendly. Club is clean and comfortable.

Its a good club to work out and has a good atmosphere.

I really like the classes. It is a warm friendly atmosphere.

Sandy was an excellent personal trainer.

I love it. Good equipment, great atmosphere, caring staff, very good price/value
The personal training is excellent

I love it. Everyone is friendly and it's usually not very crowded so I don't have to wait long to use equipment.

I like the gym, the facilities are great, just wish there were a couple of machines I have used in the past.

I think the club is great for all the different ages that come. no pressure tactics, just fun and encouragement to do your best.

It’s clean and convenient for me. I like the classes, I wish you had classes on Friday evening also.
I very much like the size and the way it is layed out.

I love the personal feel of the gym and lunchtime classes, they are all great! Covers everything I would want

Good overall, a little small so I have to avoid buzy times.

I have had a hard time getting there between other commitments and my physical health. As a result I feel unconnected to the club. My fault but I wonder if there would be some way to help me stay interested and focused. I suppose personal training would do it but its not in the budget right now.

I love the gym, the classes and the staff.

I love the size, the convenience and the group classes that are offered. Wish there were more, but not sure I could take advantage of them on a regular enough basis. The staff is great and in general I like that it's a serious club, but not uber intense (e.g., no big guys pressing hundreds of pounds and sweating - not that there's anything wrong with that - just not the environment I'd enjoy). It's not intimidating and it's a place where everyone, regardless of size and shape feels comfortable. It's a gem. I could see it in a bit bigger space, but not so big that it loses the personal touches.

I am very happy with the club and the staff is excellent. I'm always interested in new/up-to-date equipment. I love the size, etc. Being a 'charter member' (5:00 a.m. club), I am very happy here!!! Thanks Sandy........

I love it! Would like to see the pool area more clean and expanded, to be larger with more swin classes/lessons.

I really love working out at your club.

I like that it's not ridiculously large and crowded, that it's on my way home from work, and that I'm left alone to do what I want (not being checked on all the time).

I am able to attend off hours. Not too busy. Good clientele.

Really enjoy Sandy & staff. Gym is always clean and not too crowded.

I love this club. Not only is the staff friendly and and encouraging but so are the member. No judgement here.

What a great place to work out. Owner/Staff are so friendly and helpful. The gym and locker rooms are always clean. The members of all ages are friendly. Why even bother to go to another gym!!!!

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